Embrace the fear

16 08 2011

I don’t usually write creepy poetry. It just doesn’t come very naturally to me. But I like a challenge, so I’ve decided to start slowly, and write some haiku that I find sinister, creepy, or dark.


Nails dragged along walls
rattle in my head just like
a death watch beetle.

Wanderlust (Work in progress)

17 07 2011
I want to get lost with you.
our clothes all we can fit here
I want to get lost with you
driving through the pouring rain
soaked through and shivering
I want to get lost with you
the dust storms at our back
hold my hand as we run for shelter
I want to get lost with you
the forest our refuge
you pull me among the trees
safe from the deluge.
I need to get lost with you
our lips pressed against 
the world forgotten for the moment
safe without. Safe within. 

A Terrible Peace

28 06 2011
My feet take root; blades growing, sharp and new.
A forest in miniature; fragrant with evening rain.
The ground cushions me. Velvet darkness blankets.
Breathing in the night, my body relaxes into earth.
The sky, void but for brilliant Celestials
Beckons my eyes to hypnotizing focus.
 The great bear makes her appearance.
Emerging like flame, a raging entrance.
Sated under shadow’s mantle, 
I ride the midnight tide.


27 06 2011

Salted tracks run south

I would do anything now

to feel lips on skin.


Fingertips trace maps.

Each direction repeating

paths explored for hours.


The ache inside me

sated only by your touch.

My body arches.

Morning considerations

25 06 2011

This house is sleeping

Bones tell a story of time

and see with old eyes.



21 06 2011

Skin like the jungle

Dripping with fragrant promise

Draw your lips across.


Body like the sea

Undulating and untamed

Ride the waves and crest.


Eyes like summer storms

Portents of passion’s deluge

Flashing in triumph.

In which I don’t pee on myself

20 06 2011

Ever have something happen to you that seemed so absurd even at the time you could do nothing but shake your head and laugh? Something that would usually mortify you and that you’d never share with your closest friends, much less randoms on the internet?

Intrigued, aren’t you? Desperate to know more? Um…bored out of your skull already?

Recently, we changed the locks on the house. Unfortunately, the new ones lock automatically. Great for when coming into the house, not so much when leaving.

I was home sick yesterday. At some point during the afternoon, a knock on the door. UPS delivering some books I’d ordered. Phone in hand, I stepped outside to gather the packages from the porch. The door swung shut behind me. My hand touched the door at the same instant I realized it would have locked behind me. Damn. Fuck.

Several people have spare keys to the house, but none were available, as those who actually have them didn’t get off work for several hours. I wasn’t desperate enough to call a locksmith or break a window…yet. I had a graphic novel (Alan Moore’s incredible ‘The Courtyard) and my phone. No big deal, right? It’s a nice day.

Except…I suddenly noticed that feeling. You know, the one you try to ignore? That one. The feeling that says, ‘I have to pee’. Dammit.

I read some of my graphic novel. Tweeted a bit. Sent texts to a few friends. The feeling grew. Finally, after about an hour or more outside, I admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to be able to hold it much longer.

In hindsight, I wonder why I didn’t go to a neighbor’s house. But in the midst of a situation as goofy as this one, we (ok, I) don’t always think in the most logical sequence.

So it’s at this point I found myself, barefoot, creeping around my house to the relative privacy of my backyard. It’s mostly surrounded by trees, true. Mostly private unless the neighbors would come around the side of their own home to the back.

I nervously glanced around me, making sure I was as hidden from the road and neighbors as possible. And dropped trou. That’s right. I was naked from the waist down, peeing behind my own damned house. I’ve not had to urinate outside since I was 18 (and before you ask, no, I wasn’t drinking at the time. We’d broken down on a road surrounded by farms and sky).

Many people might feel embarrassed about this. I briefly considered the fleeting feelings of shame. Then I realized that if I were a man, I’d think nothing of whipping it out and taking care of business. Sure, as a woman it’s a little more logistically challenging. But I managed to make it work, and didn’t even pee on myself!

I had trouble coming up with some suitably amusing wrap-up for this little anecdote. But I don’t have much more to say. I peed. I eventually got back in the house. I showered. For the love of Pete woman! Bring your keys when you leave the house…hell, have em in your hand when you even open the door.


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